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Easy, breezy and much fun!

Taking the weather into consideration, I'm sticking to light linen and cotton for the next two months. Here I am wearing an ensemble from Max Fashion, their latest collection.

I'm a sucker for subtle colours, so this works well for me. Also the look is so effortless, perfect to sport on a casual outing, especially in the hot humid Bombay weather. The linen shirt in beige (so summer!) combines well with the blue pants – I like the cinched-ankles, cool and neat.

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Cotton to the rescue

Hello guys! How is everyone beating this insane heat? Most of us are switching over to cotton in our wardrobes, and watermelon in our diets. It amazes me how cotton being such a lightweight and ‘simple’ fabric can still transcend into a powerful outfit with high impact. So it is that I decided to put together a look from Max Fashion with cotton as my inspiration. You see me sporting an ethnic look here but it also has a Boho chic vibe to it.

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A multi-tasking ensemble

The heat is here, and it’s here to stay! The season’s collection from Max Fashion truly comes as a breath of fresh air. I had the chance to take a look at it first-hand and loved a lot of their styles.

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Easy chic, effortless style

Summer and whites are always a winning combination, but this season they come nuanced with shades of blue. Then, there’s just the right balance between cool tones and playful prints, so soothing this season of soaring temperatures.

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Cool At Play

Shorts, sleeveless tops, short dresses, light Tees... they’re the way to go this season in the sun. Pair them with comfortable footwear and enjoy the outdoor with your gang of friends





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Designer Definite Dos! (8 tips for budding designers) Everyone needs help when they’re starting off. Some handy tips below

Designer Definite Dos!

(8 tips for budding designers)

Everyone needs help when they’re starting off. Some handy tips below


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Get inspired by the expert’s life learnings and his advice to make it


big in the world of fashion design.




For a young boy belonging to family of doctors, fashion was an unlikely career path for Mumbai-based designer Nachiket Barve. But when you find the path that you know will lead you to your life’s purpose, how can you ignore it?

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Speaking of Fashion

The lexicon of fashion is forever evolving and constantly being used out of context.

What separates serious connoisseurs of fashion from casual enthusiasts and fashionistas is their command over the language and understanding of industry jargon. If you claim to love fashion, here are 9 words you should know so well that you could recite them in your sleep!



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Wear the Trend

The trends this season are neutral shades, stripes, metallics and puffs and ruffles, to name a few. Our expert brings them to your wardrobe with some tips

 It’s the Catch 22 of fashion: Love what we see on the runways but don’t know how to make them work in day-to-day wear. To make the task a tiny bit simpler, here are five runway trends that can be incorporated in your wardrobe without burning a hole in the pocket.


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Flowing around in a max attire

Hola people out there , the very first 2017 post has to be this beautiful outfit which I got from max fashions , I love max for giving me a choice of versatile pieces , I don't usually wear maxi dresses on daily basis but yes this piece could be one of those special pieces in my wardrobe where I don't want to do a lot of accessories on that specific day but still feel good , I remember when I used to be in chennai I used to pick up a lot of kurtas from max , they also have super trending styles apart from the indo western channel , max has always been one of my favourites because these are

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